Map of the Three Kingdoms

In the spirit of improving inter-realm relations, Master Librarian, Coran  Lucrisen, has selected a number of tomes from the Imperial Library to share with those wishing to learn more about the kingdom of Egalion.
The Goddess and Her Consorts 3D cover
Provinces of Egalion 3D cover


Abdessa: head kvinna of the Temple of the Goddess in Cyril. Always female.


Abdessa-in-Waiting: a kvinna trained to succeed the Abdessa, chosen from among  multiple candidates by testing.

Andehai: realm of the White Mistress and the place of rest and fulfillment for souls judged by Dusan to have lived worthy lives

Baron/Baronessa (Baron/Baroness): a minor noble and holder of a fiefdom

Belzach: the Maelstrom of Pain

Chief: the (traditionally male) leader of a land holding clan in Atromore

Clan: a large family-group with land holdings in Atromore. Led by a Chief.

Diu: realm of the Black Goddess and the place of punishment for souls judged by Dusan to have lived evil lives. Home of the Maelstrom.

Duque/Duquessa (Duke/Duchess): landholder and governor of a duchy in Egalion or Davaria. Ranks immediately below a torin/torina.

Dusan: The Guardian or The Gatekeeper. God Consort of spirit and judge of souls, sentinel of the Eternal Gates

Ea: God Consort of water and aquatic creatures

The Eternal Gates: the door between the mortal sphere and the afterlife. The place at which souls are judged and sent either to Andehai or Diu.

Fenohnael: the Maelstrom of Deception

Gamaboch: Decimation, the greatest of the Maelstrom and ruler of the greatest.

The Goddess/All-Mother: two-fold deitess comprised of the Black Goddess (Death) and the White Mistress (Life).

The Greater: the seven most powerful Maelstrom

Kvinna: a member of the religious community at the Cyrilan Temple to the Goddess. While few official vows are taken, the sisters devote themselves to prayer and contemplation, poverty, service, and obedience. While a woman can choose to leave her service, it is a rare occurrence.

The Maelstrom: demons inhabiting Diu, tasked with the punishment of souls.

Pasusabael: the Maelstrom of Strife

Plamen: God Consort of fire, war, and the forge

Rhazlanakad: the Maelstrom of Plague

Sidergozal: the Maelstrom of Betrayal

Suman: The Philosopher God. God Consort of air

Tor/Tora (King/Queen): ruler(s) of Egalion, Davaria, or Atromore.

Note: In Egalion, while succession tends to stay within the same family for generations at a time, it is not gender-based nor is the oldest child always selected to rule.  Atromore and Davaria tend to follow a more traditional approach (i.e. the oldest son is slated to rule).

Tor/Tora-in-Waiting: a torin/torina selected to be and trained as the next ruler


Torin/Torina (Prince/Princess): child of a tor or tora


Vintyri: fae inhabitants of Old Tvan

Xochi: The Festival God. God Consort of the earth

Zidoron: the Maelstrom of Despair